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For customers Cherkasskij priborostroitelnyj zavod, PrAT

The enterprise makes and serially delivers electric motors of a direct current with tension 12B/24B on: "The Kharkiv Tractor Plant of S. Ordzhonikidze", HK "KRAZ", "ARCO of LTD.", NPF of "SUPRED", "The Ternopil tractor plant", etc. makes JSC Cherkassk Instrument-making Plant and serially delivers on automobile plants, HUNDRED - heaters of salons "TERMO", "KITB" for buses and minibuses - "Standard", "Bogdan", "Dolphin", "Scythian", "Gazelle", "ISUZU", "YOUYI", "YUTONG", "IVAN") two types and four modifications; heaters of heating of a windshield of TERMO-14F and TERMO-16F buses, and also fans of cooling of radiators and the conditioner on CJSC AVTOZAZ for cars "Lanos", "Sens", "Slavuta". Our enterprise specializes in production of alarm systems. In 1997 by request of MO of Ukraine we introduced the modernized version of the security PION-V alarm system in production. The PION-V equipment it was developed as a military product therefore all positive features of devices of this level are inherent in it and it is applied at protection of military warehouses, ITK, exclusion zones, the NPP, TETs, gas-distributing stations, power substations, iron and steel works, MO and other important objects which demand reliable protection. The equipment has the certificate of conformity of Gosstandart of Russia No. DEWS. IK. OCO2. A00505 given by the Scientific and technical certified center "Atomzashchitainform".


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